8. Is the DDP just about student learning?


Though its main purpose is to assist students and faculty to focus on each student's learning and to ascertain underlying patterns that will help each student develop further, it has other functions as well.

- Because the database is relational and searchable, it can be used by faculty for program assessment purposes

- Since students and faculty can code the entries in the DDP in various categories, students can select "best work" samples from the DDP to showcase their work

- This same coding practice and a major menu feature in the DDP called Professional and Personal Development, enable students to use the portfolio to create an electronic resume.

- Another menu item in the portfolio allows it to be used as a reference tool for students and faculty. The reference section includes definitions of the abilities, statements of all the outcomes of all majors and support areas, and a description of the self assessment framework.

- The DDP can also be used for faculty development. As more samples of student work, faculty designed criteria, faculty feedback, student self assessments are stored in the portfolio, both discipline and ability departments can use selected samples of each of these to help new faculty develop expertise in designing assessments, articulating criteria, and providing meaningful feedback

- Because it provides concrete examples of the assessment as learning process at the college, the DDP also serves as a vehicle that communicates and makes more visible the college's learning and assessment principles in action