9. How does the DDP compare to other portfolios?


Alverno's DDP is an institutional database with individual student learning as its primary focus. Its central purpose is to make student learning and development over time more visible-to faculty, advisors, administrators, and, most important, to students themselves.

Alverno's DDP brings together the functions and purposes of a variety of portfolios (promoting student reflection, goal-setting, and self-presentation; supporting assessment of generic abilities, subject-area knowledge, and academic programs) in the context of the college's ability-based curriculum. This means that students are the primary users and beneficiaries of the DDP, using it as a tool to map their own progress as learners in terms of college-wide abilities and departmental outcomes.

As an institutional database, the DDP also provides faculty, advisors, and administrators with information to help them guide individual students and chart curricular and institutional change.