History of the DDP!


July 2007 - The DDP is updated to a new server running Sues 10.2 - 64 bit, MySQL 5.0, PHP 4.4.2, and Apache 2.0


Version 3.0 is rolled out. It includes the ability for students to download their DDP. They can select individual key performances and any materials from the My Resource Tab.


 IMSA becomes a partner with Alverno in using the DDP. Updates are made to the DDP and the Administrative module, forming version 2.5. In-depth reseach done on student and faculty use and perceptions of the DDP.


 DDP version 2.0 is rolled out – a fully customizable version running on non-proprietary software and open source. New DDP home page is created. The video portfolio becomes part of the DDP. The DDP is housed on two servers – the DDP web server running Linux and MySQL housing the php pages – the other is a Linux Real Media server housing the video files.

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 Planning begins for a customizable version of the DDP (Version 2.0).A pilot study of DDP usage is done during the fall semester. Pilot is implemented to move the student video portfolio to the DDP. Institutional goal for DDP faculty use established. All current data in the DDP is converted to be used in version 2.0.


 Administration Module is expanded. Mid Program Portfolio Assessment is implemented as an external assessment where students review their work, identify strengths and challenges with respect to the abilities, and form goals for future work. FAQ page is added to the DDP home page.

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 Video capabilities added to the DDP. The DDP is housed on three servers – a Windows server running the php pages, a Windows server running SQL 2000 and a Real Media server


 Pilot group of faculty use the DDP for Key Performances within their classes. Independent Learning Experiences (ILE) added to the DDP to increase flexibility and give students the opportunity to create Key Performances. Beginning portion of the Administration Module created.

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 DDP design created by Alverno College working with Deloitte & Touche LLP and US Web CKS. DDP implemented with all incoming freshman – Fall 1999, focusing on external assessments. he DDP is housed on a Windows server using SQL 7 for the database package.


 Alverno College awarded a Title III grant for partial funding to create the DDP.

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